The trip of a lifetime

A couple of years ago, my son and I went on a cruise that I loved. Our neighborhood, about 40 of us, went on a fall foliage cruise to New England and Canada, and spent two precruise days in New York–Manhattan.

Central Park

Central Park

Those two days in Manhattan were so wonderful. We flew into JFK, and were taken by bus to our hotel, the Belvedere. Our room was on the 9th floor, so we could see down to the streets, and the view was thrilling. We ate midafternoon on “Restaurant Row,” at a small French restaurant, and the food was so good. I had trout almondine and fresh strawberries for dessert–they weren’t even on the menu, but I asked for them, and they brought a big bowl of them. Son had lobster bisque (!), chicken cordon bleu –both of which he really liked, and for dessert: a poached pear with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. We had white wine, but I forget what kind After that, Son walked the “streets of New York,” while I rested in the room and read; he brought us back take-out food. I was just flirting with veganism, so that night I ate a salad.

The next morning we boarded a bus just for our group, and with a guide, we went sightseeing in Manhattan. We got off the bus a couple of places: Central Park, where we walked a little, and our guide gave us a short geology lesson about the area, and at Ground Zero where we saw the Fireman’s Memorial, which was quite touching. We saw a good bit of Manhattan, including the beginning of the “Occupy Wallstreet” protesters, where John Lennon was shot, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Times Square!

After the bus tour, six of us ate at the Stage Deli, and I had a 3″ thick pastrami sandwich, my last beef. LOL It was worth it. Then my son and I hailed a cab and went back to Central Park. I wanted to see the Alice in Wonderland sculpture. I’d seen pictures of it, and my eldest granddaughter had worked at a teahouse near it, and ate her lunch there a lot. So I wanted to see it. But it wasn’t to be. The area where it was, was roped off for a Blackeyed Pea concert that night, and police were standing guard, so we couldn’t get near it. 😦 But we walked across Central Park, and saw some interesting things: bicyclists and horses pulling carriages, and some street performers, and that was fun. Then we hailed another cab back to our hotel, and rested a while. Then that night we went to Broadway Plays !! I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever see a Broadway Play. Our next-door neighbors and another couple and we went to see “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” It was the revival of a 50-year-old play, was well done and starred Daniel Radcliffe, who was Harry Potter in the movies–he was good. Afterwards we walked back to our hotel in the rain, so happy.

Then the next day, by way of the Brooklyn Bridge (!), we boarded the ship for our cruise. We saw the Statue of Liberty, which kinda brings a lump to your throat, seeing it for the first time. I’d never been on a cruise before, so it was exciting. We ate at the buffet, and there was lots of food just like everyone says. I started at the top of the ship and explored each floor until supper time. Our neighbors who were the organizers of the trip had a cocktail party that night for us. Everyone was in a good mood. I had a glass of merlot, which was the best I’d ever had. I drank wine most nights. πŸ™‚

Then the next day we were in Newport, Rhode Island. We went ashore and saw a couple of old, ornate mansions built right on the Atlantic Ocean by the Rockefellers, their summer cottages. The views from the homes were breathtaking.

Then, that night was the ship’s first formal dinner. We got all gussied up and ate in the nice restaurant, but we ate with strangers! 😦 They were nice, but I’d have much rather been with some of our group. After that, I asked neighbors (close friends) if I could eat with them. Twice, neighbors invited me to eat with them. After supper, there was a show, and it was a good one: singing and dancing.

The next day, we were in Boston (!), where we took a walking tour of the historic places involving Paul Revere, etc. I was having some sciatic pain, so I was glad I had my son’s arm to hang onto. We walked, and walked! LOL We ate lobster rolls and Boston cream pie–actually, the Boston cream pie wasn’t that good. And I thought I’d eat a whole lobster, but didn’t.

The next day was the best! We went ashore at Bangor, Maine, and had a tour of Acadia National Park. Then we went to a lobster hatchery and saw tiny lobsters being whirled around in tanks of swirling water. The water had to be kept moving, or the lobsters would eat each other.

The next two days were in Canada. One day was cold and the other we couldn’t go ashore because of bad weather, so I played bridge all afternoon. I’d taken a year of bridge classes, so I did okay with the others. And the very last day, I had a massage!

I enjoyed the cruise so much.

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One Response to The trip of a lifetime

  1. azwaldo says:

    That trip was top shelf. Interestingly, while writing about a design project ( ), it occurred to me that you and I did a bit of “virtual world” training ourselves by viewing the virtual New York City in Google Earth. Once we arrived, after seeing the streets and the store-fronts and the signs and the buildings, it all felt comfortably familiar.

    When are we going back?

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